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Related article: Date: Mon, 13 Jun 2005 02:54:06 +0000 From: marc paige Subject: Affairs of the Heart (M/b,oral,anal)All the usual disclaimers apply.This is a story involving consensual sex between the principal characters, a grown man and a pre-pubescent boy as they discover their love for each other . If this type of story offends you, or is not to your liking, then leave now. This is not true. It is merely a figment of the my imagination. The author me, does not condone unsafe sex, and does not encourage sex with underage people.The author claims all copyrights to this story, but Feel free to re-distribute this story Comments welcomed at: "Affairs of the Heart" By Marc Paige After another disappointing showing of his paintings Brian Raynor headed out of the art gallery to the elevator and walked over to his car. Brian was the younger of two sons of a wealthy oil tycoon and a struggling young artist. His father was the president of Raynor oil and had hoped Brian and his brother would take over the company, but neither Brian nor his brother was interested in running their father's business. Brian got in his car and he drove out off headed to the art supply store before returning to his apartment across town. Brian collected the supplies he needed and then went to the market to get some groceries, after he completed his shopping he headed back to his apartment."How'd the showing go" said the desk attendant in the lobby downstairs Brian's apartment."Not so good" Brian replied as he lugged his groceries and art supplies to the elevator."Let me get that for you" the attendant offered as he walked to the elevator with Brian and pushed the button to open the door."Thanks Bob" Brian said as he stepped into the elevator, he pressed six for the floor his apartment was on.The elevator arrived at the sixth floor and the doors opened, Brian struggled with his Naked Preteen stuff as he got out of the elevator. He walked to the door of his apartment Naked Preteen and noticed a boy sitting on the floor in front of the apartment across the hall from his. Brian had seen the boy once before, he didn't really know anyone in the building since he had only moved in about three months ago. Brian's father thought that his wanting to be an artist was just a phase and had insisted that he would pay for Brian's apartment and living expenses believing that Brian would come and run the family company with him."You live across the hall right" Brian asked as he searched his pockets for his keys."Yeah,I lost my key" The boy said holding his head down."Why don't you go down and ask Bob to open the door for you" Brian suggested as he found his keys and unlocked his door."I can't my mom will find out" The boy replied pulling up his legs up and resting his chin on his knees as he looked up at Brian."This is the Third time this month I lost my key" the boy replied sadly."Oh, I see" Brian said with a little smile.Brian opened the door and picked up his art supplies to take it inside along with his groceries which was proving to be difficult since both his hands were already full."Do you mind if I hang out with you until my mom gets home" the boy asked looking at Brian with his bright blue eyes."Sure I guess" Brian responded smiling at the boy."Grab those groceries for me and come on in" Brian said as he turned and walked into his apartment. The boy smiled and got up off the floor he put his bag pack on his shoulder and picked up the brown bags with Brian's groceries and followed Brian inside."Take them into the kitchen I'll be right there" Brian said as he went to put his art supplies away. Brian came into the kitchen and found the boy unpacking his Groceries for him."You didn't have to do that" Brian said smiling as he ran his fingers through his short blond hair."Its okay" the boy said smiling at Brian."What's your name?" Brian asked with a warm smile."Jamie, Jamie Brenner" The boy said smiling at Brian as he finished unpacking one of the bags."Nice to meet you Jamie" Brian said Naked Preteen smiling back at him."My name's Brian" Brian said as he started packing away his groceries. "Do you Want a soda" Brian asked looking over to Jamie."Sure" Jamie replied taking a seat at the counter in the kitchen. Jamie was a really beautiful boy Brian though as he got a soda from the refrigerator and handed it to Jamie. Jamie had longer than average light blond hair that sort of curled at the ends and slighty covered his sparkling blue eyes that Brian couldn't help but admire him."How old are you?" Jamie asked as he popped open the top of the soda can that Brian handed to him."Twenty two" Brian replied smiling as he was just about to ask Jamie the same question."How old are you" Brian asked leaning on the counter next to Jamie with a smile."I turned eleven last week" Jamie replied before taking a sip from the soda can."Happy belated birthday to you then" Brian said smiling as he finished putting away his groceries."Thanks" Jamie said smiling."So what do you want to do till your mom gets home" Brian asked looking at Jamie as he closed the cupboard doors."Can we watch TV" Jamie asked finishing his soda."Okay then lets go to the living room" Brian suggested walking back over to where Jamie was sitting at the counter. Brian walked out of the kitchen with Jamie following him closely as they both headed over to the living room. "Whoa!" Jamie exclaimed when he saw the huge television in Brian's living room."Hey you have a gamecube just like mine" Jamie said with a huge smile when he saw Brian's video game system hooked up to the television."Yeah I was a Nintendo freak, I guess I never out grew it" Brian said chuckling as he took a seat in the sofa."Me too" Jamie said grinning."Do you want to play a few games instead" Brian asked looking at Jamie."Sure!" Jamie replied with a huge smile."Come on over have and have a seat" Brian said smiling at Jamie and patting the sofa. Jamie came over and threw himself on the sofa next to Brian and smiled at him."OUCH" Jamie yelled out jumping back up almost immediately as he felt a sharp pain in his butt."Are you okay?" Brian asked startled and a bit concerned at Jamie's out cry."Something stuck me in my butt" Jamie said rubbing his behind. Brian searched the sofa to find whatever it was that Jamie had sat on but he couldn't find anything."I think I found my key" Jamie said giggling as he pulled out the silver metal key from his back pocket and held it up to Brian still rubbing his butt with his other hand."Well you won't get in trouble with your mom now" Brian said smiling at Jamie."Yeah" Jamie said smiling putting the key in his side pocket and still rubbing his butt. "Can you see if it's bleeding" Jamie asked turning away from Brian and unbuttoning his pants and pulling down his boxer brief underwear just below his butt cheeks." sure" Brian said a bit shocked by Jamie's uninhibited attitude about his body."It's a little red but its okay" Brian said running his fingers over Jamie smooth baby soft butt cheek."Good I thought that I got cut" Jamie said turning around facing Brian and pulling back up his underwear and pants with a smile. Brian got a glimpse of Jamie's smooth flat little tummy as he lifted his oversized t-shirt to button his pants."Can we still play video games even though I found my key,I don't want to be by myself all afternoon" Jamie said still rubbing the area where he sat down on the key."Sure, if you want to" Brian replied smiling at Jamie. Jamie smiled at Brian and sat down gently on the sofa this time next to Brian and turned and smiled at him."So which game do you want to play first" Brian asked holding up a few games that he though Jamie might be interested in."let's play this one first" Jamie said pointing to "Mario cart double dash"."All my friends think that Nintendo is for little kids but I really like it" Jamie said to smiling while Brian put the game in."Me too" Brian said agreeing with Jamie's statement while they waited on the game to load.The game loaded and Brian and Jamie chose the characters they wanted and waited for the game to load."I'm Gonna win" Jamie said at Brian grinning from ear to ear."we'll see" Brian replied with a smirk looking at Jamie. The game started, Brian had the lead at first but Jamie quickly passed him off taking the lead. Brian was quickly gaining on Jamie catching up with him realizing that he would lose first place Jamie reached over and grabbed at Brian's controller trying to make him crash."So you wanna play dirty huh" Brian said grinning as he dropped his controller and started to tickle Jamie's sides to make him lose."Hey no fair" Jamie giggled as he tried to get away from Brian tickling him. Jamie ended up winning the race anyway giggling at Brian as he crossed the finish line, they played a couple more races before they tried some other games. They played for a couple more hours before Jamie realized how late it was."I better go, my mom will be home anytime now" Jamie said as he put down the game controller."Let me walk you to the door" Brian said as he put down his controller and turned the game off. Jamie walked over to the door and picked up his bag pack off the floor and put it on his shoulder."I really liked hanging out with you Brian" Jamie said with a smile as he brushed his hair from his eyes."So did I" Brian said smiling down at Jamie as he opened the door for him."Can I come back tomorrow?" Jamie asked eagerly looking into Brian's blue eyes."Sure just don't forget where you put your key" Brian replied smiling. Jamie's face lit up as he smiled happily at Brian his new friend, he never thought that there were any adults as cool as Brian. "Bye" Jamie said as he turned and walked a little way across the hall to his apartment."Bye Jamie" Brian replied standing in the doorway. He took out his key from his pocket and unlocked the door Jamie opened the door and stepped inside and waved at Brian with a big smile before he closed the door. Brian waved back smiling at Jamie before he closed his own door; Brian smiled to himself as he couldn't remember the last time he had fun like that. His day had started out really terrible but Jamie really cheered him up, just being around him made him feel better. Brian went into a spare room he used that he used as his studio and turned on the light and looked at the painting he had completed already. The three bedroom apartment was more space than he needed but his father had insisted that he live there where he would be safe compared to where he lived before. It was his brother's apartment originally but since his brother had gone to France to live Brian's father insisted that he move in. Brian sat down on a stool in front of the canvas and took up a brush and started painting but nothing he couldn't get his creativity flowing. His painting were not up to his usual standard of work and he knew that was the reason for his terrible showing today. He decided to take a break, maybe after dinner he would be inspired to paint something that was up to his usual standard. Brian went into the kitchen to get dinner started which was usually leftover chinese or reheated pizza from the day before.Jamie was finishing up his homework before his mother got home smiling to himself thinking of Brian and all the fun he had that afternoon with him. Jamie felt his dick getting hard and pressing into the bed and sighed deeply, his dick had gotten hard before but lately it seemed that it was happening more and more frequently and he had little control over it. Jamie finished his homework and went to the bathroom to pee,sometimes when he needed to pee his dick got hard like it was now. He pulled down his pants and underwear and stood in front of the toilet bowl for a few minutes but he couldn't go. Then he thought that maybe a shower would make is dick go down as it usually did when he took a bath, he stepped out of his pants and underwear and pulled off his t-shirt and threw it on the floor.Jamie stood in front of the mirror in the bathroom looking at himself, he touched his hard three and a half-inch uncut dick. Most of the boys in his class didn't have any skin like he did and he had asked his mom about it once and she told him that that's was how he was born and it was his decision to make if he wanted to be circumcised. Jamie didn't understand why someone would want to cut off part of their dick and knew he wasn't going to let anyone with a knife get anywhere near his dick. He walked over to the shower and pulled back the frosted glass door and stepped in and turned on the water and adjusting it to the right temperature before he got under. He turned off the shower and soaped up his smooth hairless chest and under his arms, Jamie soaped up his tummy and moved his hand down to his hard dick and his tight little ball sac.He pulled back his foreskin which was still a little tight and soaped up his cock head, his mom had already told him about good personal hygiene and he didn't want to be the smelly kid. Jamie soaped between his butt cheeks and as his finger touched his little hole he felt his cock jerk up suddenly. Jamie turned back on the shower and started rinsing the soap off his skin, he felt a little tingle in his dick that felt really good when he touched the red glistening head. He washed between his butt crack rinsing away the soap when his fingers came into contact with his hole he felt his dick jump again.Jamie started rubbing his hole with his middle finger he felt his dick get even harder, he wondered why that was happening and continued rubbing his hole as it started to feel really good. He held his three and a half-inch dick between his thumb and forefinger feeling how incredibly hard it had gotten. He pulled back his foreskin which gave his a tingling sensation in his dick which felt really good. Jamie started stroking his little dick back and forth slowly between his fingers while he continued to rub his hole wanting more of this wonderful feeling he was experiencing. Jamie didn't know what he was doing but it felt to good to stop now, he started stroking his little cock more frantically as he moaned softly. Jamie didn't understand what was happening he felt his heart pounding in his chest as he breathed heavily. Jamie felt like he had lost control of his body as he felt weak in the knees as he moaned and his hand stroked his dick rapidly.He tried to stop moaning knowing his mom could be home any second now and might here his moans of pleasure and he would have to explaing what he was doing. It was like someone or something had taken control of his body Jamie's fingers moved back and forth rapidly on his little boner Naked Preteen while he rubbed his wet little hole and moaned in pleasure. Jamie almost lost his balance and fell over as he had his first dry orgasm, his dick twitched rapidly between his fingers as he climaxed. Jamie had to let go of his dick and hold on to the wall in the bathroom to keep from falling Naked Preteen over as he saw colors he never knew existed. He looked down between his legs as his still hard dick was throbbing with his heart beat as he breathed heavily trying to catch his breath. Jamie turned and leaned against the bathroom wall and slid down lying on the floorin the shower, as the water from the shower fell onto his body and splashed all over his face. Jamie lay still on the floor trying to figure out what had just happened to him,he could still feel a slight tingling sensation in his dick as the water fell onto his nude body as he lay motionless on the bathroom floor."Jamie honey I'm home" Jamie's mother said as she called out to him. Jamie got up off the floor quickly and turned off the water as he heard his mother's voice."Where are you?" Jamie's mother asked."I'm just getting out of the shower" Jamie replied as he opened the shower door and stepped out. He grabbed a towel from the cupboard in Naked Preteen the bathroom and stood in front of the mirror drying himself.Jamie looked at his dick and smiled as he saw it had returned to it's normal size of two and a half inches. He dried himself off and picked his clothes up off the floor and threw them in the hamper and went to his room to get dressed."So how was your day today?" Jamie's mother asked as she served him his dinner."It was fine" Jamie said smiling remembering the afternoon he spent with Brian. After Brian finished his dinner he went back to his studio to try and get some work done but he still had the same problem he had lost his inspiration. He decided to call it a night and had a shower and went to bed Brian lay in his bed contemplating his future as thoughts of Jamie shifted his thought process. I wonder what he's up to right now Brian thought to himself smiling as he thought of Jamie."Goodnight mom" Jamie said to his mom who kissed him goodnight and turned off the light in his room before she left. He lay in the darkness of his room thinking of all he had done that day then he remembered the new friend he had made today. Jamie smiled to himself as he remembered how Brian had tickled him when they were playing video games, he wondered if Brian would mind if he came over every afternoon after school. As Jamie thought of all the fun he had with Brian he felt his cock getting hard again, Jamie put his hand Naked Preteen between his legs and felt his boner through his pajamas. Jamie pulled down his pajamas and his undies down to his silky smooth thighs, his little dick stood straight up from his crotch. Jamie started to stroke is dick up and down with his thumb and forefinger slipping his foreskin all the way down and then back up covering his little cock head.Jamie gasped quietly trying not to draw any attention from his mom as he played with his dick wanting to experience the same feeling he got in the bathroom. His fingers flew up and down rapidly as he felt the tingling sensation that he felt in the bathroom when he stroked his dick. Jamie lifted his butt off the bed and moaned softly as he had his second dry orgasm for the day. He fell back to the bed breathing heavily as his little dick throbbed between his fingers after another powerful orgasm. Jamie pulled back up his underwear and pajamas and began to worry that maybe something was wrong with him, he soon fell asleep exhausted from his busy day. Jamie awoke next morning and ran to the bathroom needing to pee really badly, he held his hard dick between his fingers and aimed it at the toilet bowl and let go a golden stream of pee. When he was done Jamie held his dick between his fingers and started to stroke it, he knew that it was the only way to make his dick get soft again. Jamie stroked his cock for a couple of minutes before he felt the same wonderful tingly sensations in his dick again as he dry cummed again gasping softly. Jamie flushed the toilet and washed his hands and came out the bathroom with a worried look on his face. He thought that something was really wrong with him but there was no one he could talk to about what was happening to him."Honey are you okay" Jamie's mom asked as he came into the kitchen for breakfast."I'm fine" Jamie said as he sat down at the table. "Mom can I ask you a question?" Jamie said as he played with his cereal, wondering how to ask his mom about what was happening to him."Sure honey" Jamie's mom replied."Never mind" Jamie said sadly as he held his head down, he couldn't tell his mom that his dick was getting hard for no reason and that he played with it for it to get soft again."Hurry up and eat your breakfast honey" I don't want you to be late for school. Jamie finished his breakfast and brushed his teeth and got ready for school."Do you have your key?" Jamie's mother asked as she locked the door of their apartment."Yeah" Jamie said still feeling depressed."Okay come on let's go" Jamie's mother said as they headed to the elevator. Jamie and his mother got downstairs to the first floor and headed outside where there was a car waiting for them."Lily darling you look fabulous" said Serge his mother's best friend."Mom can't I take the bus" Jamie asked with pleading eyes willing to do anything not to share the same space with his mother's friend."Absolutely not, get in" his mother ordered as she held the door of the limo open for him."But all the other kids take the bus" Jamie said whining."We don't have time for this, now get in the car" his moher said raising her voice. Jamie reluctantly got in and sat in the corner away from serge his mom got into the car and the driver pulled off heading to Jamie's school."How are you today cutie" Serge said as he pinched Jamie's cheek. Jamie faked a little smile, he couldn't stand Serge and the way he dressed and talked he couldn't wait to get to School to get away from him."He's feeling a little down today" Lily said as she stroked her son's blond hair."Ah, probably girl problems" Serge said winking at Jamie."Do you have a girlfriend?" serge teased pinching Jamie's cheek again."Stop it! geez" Jamie shouted angrily as he slapped away Serge's hand away from his face.After a gruelling twenty minutes The car pulled up at Jamie's school and he got out the car happy to get away from Naked Preteen his mother's overly flamboyant friend. Jamie met up with some of his friends and walked up the steps to the school."Bye honey" Jamie's mother said waving from the car. Jamie turned and waved back to his mother before continuing up the steps."Bye" serge said waving at Jamie. Jamie turned around and went up the rest of the stairs into the school building."Do you know that guy?" one of Jamie's friends asked referring to serge."Nope" Jamie said as they into the school building. Jamie sat through class after class thinking about what he had done the day before and last night again this morning. He thought about asking his friends if the same thing that was happening to him was happening to them but he was afraid that they might think he was a freak or laugh at him."Hey Jamie, doesn't Stacy Rogers look hot" Whispered Ben Jamie's friend as he rubbed his crotch under his desk."Yeah" Jamie whispered back with a smile. But Jamie didn't feel anything when he looked at Stacy Rogers or any other girl for that matter, he did think that his other friend Mike the boy that sat next to her was cute and his friend Ben didn't look that bad either Jamie thought to himself.Jamie felt his dick starting to get hard as he thought of what Ben and Mike's dicks looked like. He had seen them naked a couple of times before in the shower after gym but he never really paid attention to them except for when he had noticed that they both didn't have any skin covering their dicks like he did."Excuse me Miss Wightman, may I use the bathroom please" Jamie said as he went up to his history teacher's desk."Here you go" Miss Wightman said handing Jamie a hall pass. Jamie left the classroom and ran to the bathroom, he went into one of the bathroom stalls and unbuttoned his pants and pulled down his underwear and started to stroke his dick between his fingers. Jamie knew that the only way to make his dick behave was to stroke it until he got those wonderful feelings in his dick. Jamie gasped and arched his back as he dry cummed in the stall of the school's bathroom he pulled back up his underwear and buttoned his pants. The entire time Jamie was stroking his dick all he thought of was his friends Ben and Mike naked, Jamie felt really bad for thinking of his friend like that. Brian was having as much of a crappy day as Jamie was his agent had arranged another showing of his painting to perspective buyers but none of his work impressed them enough to want to buy it."Don't worry Brian all artist's have a rocky start at first" his agent said trying to make him feel better.After his disappointing showing Brian went back home feeling really terrible, he laid on the couch with his hands behind his head wondering what to do to get his inspiration back when the door bell rang. Brian really wasn't feeling like having any company but he reluctantly got off the couch to answer the door. Brian's face lit up and he smiled when he saw who it was that had come to pay him a visit."Hi" Jamie said looking up at Brian with a big smile."Come in" Brian said smiling holding the door open for Naked Preteen Jamie. Just seeing Jamie made him feel a lot better, Jamie walked in the door and Brian closed it behind him. Jamie dropped his bag pack on the floor near the door and went into the living room."Do you want something to drink?" Brian asked standing near the sofa looking at Jamie."Sure" Jamie replied with a smile as he took up the remote and turned on the TV. Brian went into the kitchen and got a soda from the refrigerator for Jamie and one for himself."So how was your day?" Brian asked as he returned to the living room and handed Jamie a can of soda."Fine" Jamie said dejectedly and sighing deeply as he popped open the top of the soda can."That bad huh" Brian said, knowing exactly how Jamie felt."well here's to us and the shitty day we both had" Brian said smiling and crashing his can against Jamie's. "To us and our shitty day" Jamie said giggling holding up his soda and taking a sip of it."Tell me about your mom, what does she do" Brian said sipping his soda."She's a model" Jamie said taking a sip from the soda can."A model ,Really!" Brian said suprised looking at Jamie. No wonder he's so cute Brian thought smiling to himself as he looked at Jamie who was caught up in a show on the TV."what about you what do you do?" Jamie asked turning his attention away from the television and looking at Brian."I'm an artist" Brian replied finishing the last of his soda."Cool, what kind of stuff do you draw" Jamie asked with a smile turning to face Brian on the sofa."All sorts of stuff;people,places, or whatever I thing of" Brian replied smiling."I wish I was good at drawing" Jamie said a bit disappointed at his lack of talent in art."I'm sure there is lots of stuff that you're good at" Brian said trying to make Jamie feel better about himself."Like what?" Jamie asked looking at Brian."I don't know you tell me" Brian said looking at Jamie."Tell me some of the things you like to do" brian said turning to face Jamie"Well I like playing soccer" Jamie said smiling."There you go, you could be the next David Beckham" Brian said smiling at Jamie."David Beckham no way, I suck at soccer" Jamie said smiling a little."I'm sure you play just fine" Brian said smiling at him. "Okay what else do you like to do" Brian asked looking at Jamie as he thought of his interests."Uh..Ur...I like playing baseball" Jamie said with a grin."Okay that's good maybe you could break Derek Jeter's record" Brian said smiling at Jamie."No way!" Jamie said laughing."Yes way!" Brian said smiling at Jamie."Nah I can't do that" Jamie said blushing."Okay then tell me one thing you really like doing more than anything else, something you really love and don't tell me it's video games" Brian said smiling looking at Jamie as the cute eleven year old thought of what he really liked."Okay, Promise you won't laugh" Jamie said smiling at Brian as he thought of somthing he loved doing."Why would I laugh" Brian said as he turned more to face Jamie."Just promise okay" Jamie said with a smile but also trying to be serious."Okay I promise, tell me" Brian said looking at the cute blond eleven year old."I like taking pictures" Jamie said almost in a whisper lowering his head and blushing."That's it!" Brian said expecting something more elaborate."Uh yeah!" Jamie said a bit angry with Brian's reaction. Brian noticed Jamie's expression changed and he realized that what he had said had offended him."I didn't mean to make it sound as if what you like doing wasn't a big deal" Brian said studying Jamie's expression."It's just that I thought you were going to tell me you wanted to be a lion tamer or an ostrich farmer or something like that" Brian said jokingly."An ostrich farmer?" Jamie said raising his eyebrows and giggling."There are Ostrich farms you know" Brian said laughing as he saw Jamie return to his cheery mood. "So you want to be a photographer huh!" Brian said looking at Jamie."Uh-huh" Jamie replied smiling."what kind of pictures do you take" Brian inquired."I don't know, sometimes I take pictures of buildings, people, animals" Jamie said smiling."You know there aren't a lot of animals in Manhattan you know, unless you count some of the people" Brian said chuckling."Yeah I know" Jamie said chuckling as well."Let me show you" Jamie said as he jumped off the sofa and went to where he left his bag pack at the door."What's that you got there" Brian asked as Jamie came back to the sofa with a ruffled looking notebook."It's some of the pictures that I took" Jamie said smiling as he sat back on the sofa. Brian moved closer to Jamie as he opened the notebook and showed him his collection of photos. Jamie had written a little description under each of the photos about the location and some of his own thoughts about the photo. Brian was really impressed with the level of skill in photography that Jamie had, Jamie had more talent for photography than a lot of the famous photographers he knew and he Naked Preteen knew quite a few."These are really good Jamie" Brian said as he browsed through the notebook."You're just saying that because you don't want to hurt my feelings" Jamie said with a smirk."No I'm not, you have quite an eye to get these amazing shots you're really talented" Brian said looking at the pictures. "You're going to be a really famous photographer when you grow up" Brian said stopping briefly to look at Jamie."No I'm not" Jamie said holding his head down and blushing."Yes you are" Brian said as he closed the book and looked at Jamie."Hey look at me" Brian said as he put his hand under Jamie's chin and lifted his head."You can be anything you want to be, never let anyone else tell you differently" Brian said as he looked into Jamie's blue eyes staring up at him."You're a great photographer and I'm not telling you that because I'm your friend I'm telling you the truth" Brian said touching Jamie's cheek."Really!" Jamie said softly still a bit unsure of his own talent."Yes, just have a little faith in yourself you'll see" Brian said smiling at Jamie. Jamie felt really Naked Preteen happy and warm inside from the nice things that Brian had said to him making him feel good about himself. The only person who ever said things like that to him was his mom but he never really believed her after all parents are supposed to lie to make their kids feel better. Jamie looked at the time, he didn't realize how long he and Brian had been talking."I better go now I have to finish my home work before my mom gets home" Jamie said sighing."Why didn't you tell me I could have helped you with it" Brian said as he stroked Jamie's blond hair. "It's not that hard really" Jamie said getting off the sofa."I still could have helped you though" Brian said getting up to walk Jamie to the door."Maybe you can help me with it tomorrow" Jamie said as he picked up his bag pack."I can come back tommorow can't I" Jamie asked hoping that Brian would say yes."Of course you can" Brian said as he handed Jamie his notebook with his pictures. Brian opened the door for Jamie and said goodbye to him, he watched him as he opened the door to his apartment and went in before closing his own door. Jamie went to his bedroom to get started on his home work, he took out his books from his bag pack and hopped up on the bed and got started on his homework. Brian went into his studio with a huge smile on his face being around Jamie all afternoon made him forget about all the troubles he had. He sat down at the stool in front of the canvass and took up a brush and mixed some colors together and started painting. He didn't know what he was painting exactly, he just let the brush wander on the canvass and took it from there. After an hours of none stop painting Brian finished his latest creation a painting of a wolf on a snow covered mountain."Well what do you know I still got it" Brian said a loud chuckling to himself as he looked at his latest painting. Jamie finished his home work and was lying on his bed on his back thinking about what Brian had said about his pictures, Brian was the first person besides his mom to see his photos and like them.As Jamie was thinking about all the nice things Brian had said he felt his little friend between his legs stir to life. Jamie Started to rub his crotch through his pants as his little dick started to grow. He thought of Was seeing Ben and Mike totally naked and put his hand into his pants and started rubbing his dick. Jamie unbuttoned his pants and lifted his butt and pulled down his pants and underwear, he took his little three and a half-inch dick between his fingers and started to stroke his it up and down. He tried to picture Stacy Rogers naked but he couldn't get the images of Ben and Mike out of his head. It wasn't long before Jamie started moaning as he felt wonderful waves of pure bliss overtake his body. Jamie felt his dick turn hard as stone as it pulsed between his fingers as he had his third dry orgasm for the day. Jamie lay still on the bed and began to wonder if he was gay he knew that boys weren't supposed to have the kinds of feeling he had for his friends, the last thing he wanted was to be like his mom's Naked Preteen friend Serge. Jamie pulled back up his pants and went into the kitchen to make himself a snack, he sat on the sofa watching TV while he ate his peanut butter and jelly sandwich trying to get the images of his friends naked out of his head. Brian was in the kitchen making dinner when he started to think of Jamie wondering what he was doing right now."Hey honey" Jamie's mom said as she entered the apartment."Hi mom" Jamie said as she walked over to the sofa and kissed him on his head. "How was your day?" Jamie's mom asked as she went into the kitchen to get dinner started."It was okay I guess" Jamie replied smiling to himself as he immediately thought of Brian."That's nice to hear" his mom said as she got some stuff out of the refrigerator. After his mom finished making dinner they sat down and ate together just as they did every night talking about their day."Whoa I'm stuffed" Jamie said to his mother rubbing his tummy as she smiled at him."can I have some "Jamie asked looking at his mom as she refilled her glass with wine."No you can't" Jamie's mother replied."Just a little sip" Jamie pleaded."No" Jamie's mother said grinning as he pouted and made all sorts of sad faces."You're no fun" Jamie said defeated as he folded his arms."Mom's aren't supposed to be fun" His mother countered with a smirk on her face."Go take a bath and get ready for bed" Jamie's mother said as she got up and started to clear the table. Jamie got up from the table and went into the bathroom and closed the door, he started taking his clothes off when he felt his dick getting hard again. Jamie lo
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